The Original Adult Baby Booze Bottle
The Original Adult Baby Booze Bottle
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The Original Adult Baby Booze Bottle

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Go to bed with a spill proof  baby  nursing bottle filled with wine, beer or other alcohol......or if you don't drink fill your baby bottle with your favorite relaxation beverage

Fall asleep  with a baby bottle remembering the good old stress free days when you when to bed with a bottle of with  your Mommies  breasts as a delivery system for your milk.

Nursing is a natural instinct for all of us. Be bold and brave and use in a the ORIGINAL Adult Baby Booze Bottle.

The elongated nipple is the perfect size and shape for adults  and  supports the proper sucking reflex. The shape and size of our food grade silicone nipple allows it to rest in the suck zone of an adults mouth.. Regular baby nipples, when used by adults, only engage the lips and the teeth, not allowing the mouth and tongue to form the suction which is the trademark of babies.

And the really bold and really brave of you can use this bottle outside of the house! Be the first  in your group of friends to  to  YOUR  bottle to work and to carry it with you wherever you go!! 

and give a BIG BOY and BIG GIRL bottle to all of your your friends, they make great gifts.


 PS: the posted images are prototype mock ups, the originals are being professionally made

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