CHEAP SHIT Chardonnay-750 ml bottle (single bottle)
CHEAP SHIT Chardonnay-750 ml bottle (single bottle)
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CHEAP SHIT Chardonnay-750 ml bottle (single bottle)

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George's business associate Momma Sleep bottles CHEAP SHIT wines and asked George to carry her brand.  Momma sas wine can aid in sleep, and in an event it is FUN to share Momma Sleep's CHEAP SHIT wines with your friends. Those friends who like you for you and not because you serve the expensive uppity wines will enjoy drinking this brand with you.

Momma started this FUN-TO-DRINK label to help alcoholic's get blitzed inexpensively and to help ever other wine drinkers  have more fun ....people laugh when  they sip  CHEAP SHIT  wine.

CHEAP SHIT is:   (1) made in the getto   (2) from the cheapest grapes available  (3) grapes are crushed by  dancing welfare recipient feet ( first bathed and scrubbed 4 times)    (4) Aged one week in (sterilized) steel garbage cans   (5) bottles in cheap bottles corked with the cheapest corks......but despite this rather unique vinting and aging the wine is super safe and super tasty!

It does  not matter if you are a millionaire or a homeless a cheap shit and drink CHEAT SHIT Chardonnay!  Make sure you always have plenty of this  tasty fun-to-drink wine on hand. True friends will enjoy drinking CHEAP SHIT wines with you..

Have some fun today.......  buy numerous  bottles of CHEAP SHIT CHARDONNAY....they look good on your table and they make great gifts!

AND actually our outstanding Vintner uses traditional methods to make this wine  and you are buying GOOD CHEAP SHIT wine  not CHEAP CHEAP SHIT wine.

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