George SMART

George was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1944 and  after graduating from Indiana University in 1965 moved to Los Angeles and joined Carnation Company where, while working full time, he attended USC at night and received and MBA in 1968 then  went to correspondence Law School , obtaining an LLB degree and passing the California Bar in 1974.

In 1984 he left Carnation and became Founder and Chairman of several small companies, including the BackCare Place, Sage Development, RelaxCo, SleepCo and the charitable Fight Loneliness Foundation.  In these endeavors he got his real educational Degree in LIfe's Successes and Failures. After being swindled our of his retirement funds by a man he thought was a friend but who was in fact a white collar criminal George is now back at work.

George has 4 grandchildren, ages 4 to 7 and being with them makes his heart giggle.