WHAT IS IN THE FOOD PRODUCTS THAT WILL HELP ME SLEEP?     Our prioprietary blend of herbs includes valerian, hops, chamomile., passion flower, hawthorne, and lemon balm. Each of these herbs have been used for centuries to help people sleep.

CAN I CONSUME THE ORIGINAL SLEEP FOODS DURING THE DAY?   Although we recommend that you consume these products only prior to bed or naptime small amounts can be consumed during the day for relaxation. You should NOT eat these products prior to or while driving or operating dangerous machinery.

CAN MY CHILDREN CONSUME THESE SLEEP FOODS?  Yes, although we do not recommend it for anyone under the age of 1 year.

ARE THERE ANY ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS?     There are no know adverse side effects , however some people are adverse to valerian and  if you are one you should consult your doctor before consume our ORIGINAL SLEEP PRODUCTS  daily.

WHAT IF I HAVE  ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS?   Visit one of our related websites:  www.sleepcoffee.us     www;sleepwater.us    www.sleepcereal.com    If you don't find the answer tor to you question on one these sites , each site has CONTACT US page where you can send us your question, and one of our associates will answer it.